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We are experts in helping patients with complex conditions get the specialty medications they need for their treatment. Our team can help obtain the drugs, understand the process, and go over administration instructions and potential side effects. 

Speciality Medication

Speciality Medication

    If you are fighting a complex condition such as cancer, HIV or Hepatitis C, you may require what is referred to as a specialty medication. These drugs require special administration and handling and also generally need to have specific filings done with your insurance company in order to cover their high costs.

   At MSP we are experts in working with specialty medications. We can assist with not only obtaining the drugs that are necessary for your treatment but can also help you understand the treatment process, go over your specific administration instructions and address any questions you may have about things like side effects. Because these types of drugs also typically require special handling and storage, we can also provide you with information on how to best manage your regimen to ensure the drugs work at their maximum effectiveness.

Some examples of conditions that may require specialty medications include:

  • Hepatitis C/ B

  • HIV

  • Fertility Issues

  • Rheumatological Diseases

  • Growth Hormone Deficiencies

  • Transplants

  • Oncology (Cancer) Medications

  • Dermatology Issue

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