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FAQs provide a convenient and efficient way for you to find answers to common questions they may have about our products or services. This allows us to save time by reducing the number of calls and emails and improve customer satisfaction by quickly providing the information you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Contact MSP for Questions?
    As a patient, you are welcome to stop into the pharmacy anytime to discuss your concerns with our highly knowledgeable staff. If you prefer to contact us on the phone, you may reach us at 203-212-3800 or via email at
  • What Type of Support Can I Expect?
    At Main Street, our job in serving you does not end in filling your prescriptions. We provide you with ongoing support throughout the course of your treatment, and also give you: Packaging that is easy to open and understand for those who have challenges with traditional bottles and packets Routine wellness checks and monthly patient care visits Prescription refill reminders Pharmacists who are available to you 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have
  • What if I need a very specific drug or medicine?
    We carry a large inventory of popular drugs and topical solutions, however, in the cases where a specialty or less common drug is needed, we have a multitude of resources that will help us find it for you. In some cases where a drug is cost prohibitive or not covered (or simply no longer available on the market) we can also provide generic substitutions or alternatives which will provide you the same treatment.
  • How much does medication typically cost?
    Every medication is of course different, and thus, cost can vary. Once we process a prescription for you through your insurance, we will advise you of your cost, and will assist you with determining co-pays, insurance coverage and other concerns regarding payment. Some patients are eligible to be enrolled into assistance programs that will help pay for needed medications. We can also assist with determining whether or not these programs will work for you.
  • I need some help or more info about my medications?
    We can help address questions and concerns that you may have about your medications and your treatment. Contact us at 203-212-3800. In addition, the following resources are excellent repositories for you to get information: Food and Drug Administration Hotline: 1-800-463-6332 or click here. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): 1-800-232-4636 or click here. Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222 or click here.
  • How can I get more info about something?
    This information can be obtained by contacting one of our pharmacists: 203-212-3800.
  • What if my medication isn't covered by my benefit plan?
    MSP will contact you immediately if there is a plan limitation or benefit exclusion that will not cover the cost of your medication. We will then provide you with information on patient assistance programs that are available either through the drug manufacturer, or through local and national resources associated with your condition that help patients in need. We can also provide you with information on alternative therapies if needed.
  • I will be traveling, how can I get my medication?
    We are here to meet and support your needs. Call your pharmacist at 203-212-3800 and let us know when you will be traveling so that we can obtain your medication ahead of time, or if needed once you are temporarily out of town, we can arrange to have a delivery made to you at your location.
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