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We offer personalized and affordable senior care services in the comfort of their own home, 24/7. Our care improves clients' lives by avoiding problems and helping them maintain independence, saving money compared to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Home Care

Home Care

     At Happier At Home, we offer our services in various environments. Understanding that everyone's situation is different, we go to wherever you need us. Our care services are frequently rendered in personal residences and apartments, assisted living communities, and medical institutions like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and skilled nursing facilities.

Companion Care Services

  • Meal Planning & Preparation

  • Transportation, Shopping & Errands

  • Housekeeping, Stripping the beds & Laundry

  • Set up and Monitoring of Bathing & Dressing

  • Companionship, Mental Stimulation

  • Specialized Alzheimer’s Caregivers / Dementia Caring

  • Encouragement & monitoring of exercises

  • Overnight Services

  • Respite care

  • Information and Referral Services

Blood Pressure Check

Care Advocacy

     Care Advocates are health and human services specialists who act as a guide, advocate and resource for families caring for our clients.  They provide personal attention and focus on the client’s specific situation, goals, and needs. 

     With changes in healthcare, planning care is a confusing ordeal.  Our care advocates will help you navigate the system by interacting with healthcare and other service providers to make sure you receive quality care and are protected from those individuals that may take advantage of our vulnerable populations.  We will provide peace of mind that the needs of your loved one are being met, and help to prevent a crisis before it occurs.  If a crisis does occur, your care advocate will be there for guidance, management and support. 

     Our care advocates may attend medical appointments with your loved one and provide feedback to the appropriate family members.  If hospitalized, the care advocate will work with hospital staff and attend discharge conferences to help develop a discharge plan focused on your goals.  

Services available through the Care Advocacy Program:

  • Advocacy with Health & Service Providers

  • Re-Assessment & Monitoring for Changing Needs

  • Housekeeping, Stripping the beds & Laundry

  • Resource for Transitions to Independent/Assisted Living or Nursing Home

  • Coordination of Services to assist in maintaining Goals

  • Resource & Connection to support services such as Elder

  • Law Attorneys, Veteran’s Administration and Community Resources

  • Guidance and Referrals to Preserve Financial Resources

  • Home Safety Inspection/ Equipment needs

  • Medical Appointment scheduling and accompaniment

Personal Care Services

We promote independence by assisting with bathing, grooming and dressing.  No need to move into a facility, we will support your loved one where they wish to stay. Transferring and toileting assistance don’t have to mean moving out of the home. Some Happier At Home locations provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living, including:

  • Bathing – Showers, tubs, bed baths and sponge baths

  • Positioning – For prevention of pressure ulcers

  • Dressing 

  • Assisting with self-administered medications

  • Grooming – Routine hair and skin care

  • Feeding – Adherence to dietary restrictions

  • Exercising – Including range of motion

  • Toileting – Incontinence care

  • Transfer or ambulation – assistance to and from beds, chairs, etc.

Nurse and Patient

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

     Diseases that affect an individual’s memory and behaviors can rob seniors and their families of their sense of safety and independence. Over 5 million individuals in the United States and Canada have Alzheimer’s disease – a number that will nearly double in the next 20 years. If you are one of the families affected by this disease, there is help. We will support you and your loved one in the challenging daily changes.

     We have specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers! Often times seniors with dementia are physically capable, but lack the awareness to remain safely living independently. Our caregivers are equipped with the skills they need to successfully provide outstanding care.

     A Happier At Home caregiver will increase social interaction, help to prevent problems before they escalate, defuse difficult situations, provide mental stimulation, encourage a healthy diet, encourage exercise, and support the family.

Taking Care of Plants

Hospice Support

Allow us to help you through your difficult time, while you are able to focus on making the most of your precious time with your loved one.

Comforting Hands

Transportation Services

     A major part of maintaining your independence is the freedom that comes along with having transportation at your service. On occasions that you normally would have hopped in the car and left, Happier At Home can help!


     We don’t act as a taxi service, so this means that we will help you get ready, drive you, stay with you, and then take you home when you are done.


We’ll take you there: 

  • Doctors’ appointments

  • Hair salon

  • Lunch with friends

  • Medical procedures, physical therapy

  • Outings such as plays, scenic drives, meetings

  • Coffee shop, ice cream parlor

  • Errands and grocery shopping

  • Religious services

  • Shopping for gifts

Practice Walking

Virtual Care

No matter where you live, you may virtually set up care for your loved one.  While technology will never replace face-to-face care, Happier At Home’s forward thinking will help to keep your loved one connected and engaged with their family and with our compassionate caregivers.  We use the latest technology to provide virtual visits from us and provide the platform for the family to do the same. 

Modern Senior Woman

Respite Care

Caregiving is demanding; respite services will support and strengthen you. Taking some time to take care of yourself will not only help you to maintain your sense of self, but it will also improve your ability to handle the coming challenges in a positive way. Respite care will give you a chance to enjoy events in your life or get away for any reason. Whether it’s for short periods of time – to pursue activities, spend time with friends, go to doctors’ appointments, or an extended period of time – to go on a much-needed vacation, attend an out-of-town wedding, or travel for the holidays, our respite services will give you peace of mind that your loved one is safe and well cared for.

Dumbbell Workout

Short Term Recovery Services

     Unexpected things happen, and we can help you through it. Our assistance after surgery, following an illness and after discharged from the hospital allows recovery where you are most comfortable, in your home.


     Knowing that there is a caregiver to help you return home gives peace of mind for safety, and the ability to function and recover efficiently when released from medical care. Our caregivers will help with things such as transportation, running errands and grocery shopping, preparing meals, picking up medications, transportation to medical appointments and light housekeeping.

Walking Aid
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