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Pharmacogenetic testing assesses medication effectiveness based on individual DNA. It is performed by specialized labs for precision and accuracy. MSP helps patients get tested for reactions to medications, allergy alerts, and disease prediction.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic Testing

     Pharmacogenetic testing is the study of how certain medications affect your body based on your individual DNA structure. Because every “body” is different, administering this type of testing can be greatly beneficial in developing a medication regiment that will best treat any conditions you have.

     This type of testing is typically done by experienced labs who specialize in this science, and the process is extremely precise in order to ensure accuracy results.

     We can assist with getting this important testing done, which will not only help determine your reactions to medications, but will alert you of any dangerous adversities or allergies, and predict the development of genetic diseases.

Ask the pharmacist for details today!

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